• “In order to respond to such a challenge as serving the Brazilian industry in a time which requires competitiveness and productivity, we needed a bold project, a project that could only cause much impact, a project that could reach our client. We realized this would be a very motivating project. One that could really bring the results we wanted.”

    Raissa Rossiter

    Executive Manager at Sistema Indústria
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  • "It is very important to teach (safety and health at work) not only in the classroom, but in a more relaxed place and in a playful way. Thus, the employees learn, dedicate themselves, and put all their efforts in the job. As a result, they get better paid and their families benefit from it, too.”

    Mário Lanznaster

    President of Coopercentral Aurora
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  • "I am very fond of challenges, so we embraced this project with great vigor and after 40 days of uninterrupted work, from Sunday to Sunday, we delivered the Sebrae Memorial"


  • "In terms of results I would say that the “Estação SMS” is our best showcase. It is the highlight for all the national and international institutions that come visit us."

    Helton Santana

    HSE Coordinator - HR / Petrobras University
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  • “The tool is wonderful. It challenges, it instigates, it makes us think of the best way to serve the customer with all the solutions that we have within the system. It motivates the team and makes us want to work even harder. I think the main feeling we have about the tool is the awareness that we'll only be able to meet the customer well if we work and network with all the houses together.”

    Carla Plentz

    SESI Rio Grande do Sul
  • "The tool is excellent. It promotes interactivity, market assessment and perception, dialogue, harmony, and synergy. It's amazing!"

    Jones D. De Lima

    Dep. Regional – Amapá