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Based on neuroscience and the experience methodology, our solutions bring storytelling and gamification as the focus to enhance results.

Sábia’s Methodology: Learning retention cycle

  • Inspiring strategic Narratives/Cases inherent to organizations’ cultures and to the various generations.

  • Employees’ clear development goals on learning tracks.

  • Intensive knowledge exchange amongst areas/ groups / individuals.

  • Progress and advancement feedback and reward as key elements for employee’s engagement.

  • Easy interaction and communication, simple formats.

  • Feeling of belonging to teams and to the organization (generation gaps)

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Immersive education Indicators

Know the advantages of Immersive Education
  • Reading

  • Listening

  • Oral presentation + visuals

  • Oral presentation + visuals + demo

  • Storytelling + gamificação

“I was very impressed to see people playing. When I heard about it and saw the game for the first time, it looked good on screen, but I didn’t know how people would respond in a group. Especially people who have been put together and did not know each other. So, I was very impressed on how people quickly became a team and seemed to care for one another, exchanging information as fast as possible and smiling and applauding. I was very impressed. "

Byron Reeves - co-founder of the MediaX Program at Stanford University Check out our clients and cases

Our Solutions

  • Safety Experience

    ​Remote industrial workers must follow safety standard procedures.

  • ​Health Service Experience

    ​Health service workers must know how to deal with indecisive patients.

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  • High engagement with Immersive Learning

  • Dissemination time VS Investment

  • Scalability

  • Performance

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