Our Solutions

Attract, convert, retain and transform people and attitudes. Those form solutions philosophy that the immersive education system provides. Its knowledge retention capacity brings immediate results, because the learning experience generates behavioral and attitudinal experience.

Our solutions enable you to consolidate information, technical and operational knowledge, advantages, product benefits and performance, and services at all levels of your company’s organizational structure

Content inserted in the tracks can be developed by the client company, by creating original and customized stories that increase engagement and theme attachment to team members.

Easy and fast, authoring is a feature that enhances the immediate learning and can be done remotely and applied to mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Sábios Platform

Sábios is an intelligent platform that uses neuroscience and immersive education to improve the performance of your employees and your company.

Sábios Journey

The ideal immersive education solution for teams organized in a corporate structure.

The immersive journeys build a customized cognitive dynamics to your business, increasing knowledge retention and producing amazing results.


  • sales force

  • trade marketing

  • compliance

  • health

  • occupational safety

  • marketing

  • occupational safety

  • others

Sábios Odyssey

Odyssey is an innovative marketplace for immersive professional training, based on the concepts of shared economy that enables the integration and convergence of three important pillars of active education and learning communities: "Content Providers", "Cultivators of Communities" and " Marketplace Platform." Through the application and the online environment, Sábios Odyssey promotes the reunion of both demand and supply of knowledge, allowing the experience of each day learning to happen at the right time according to the needs of each professional and your organization.

All tracks and journeys are developed by content providers who are experts in the topics covered in The Odyssey. That ensures a distinct, truly effective, and engaging education. We believe that everyone is the protagonist of his or her own Odyssey and should have the power to define which paths to tread.